All Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board Locations


All Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board Locations

Ready to fight some monsters? Final Fantasy 16 is jam-packed with deadly creatures to kill, but there are some more notorious than others. These Notorious Mark monsters are optional enemies that can be taken on later in FFXVI.

You will find a total of thirty-two Notorious Mark beasts on the Hunt Board during your FFXVI playthrough, though more will only become available as your progress through the main and side stories. Tracking down these creatures is half the battle in itself, so if you’d rather stop searching and start slaying, here are all the locations for Notorious Marks available on the Hunt Board.

Where to Find the Hunt Board

The Hunt Board won’t become available in Final Fantasy 16 until you have reached The Gathering Storm, the twenty-second main quest in the game. Towards the end of this quest, you will travel to the Hideaway.

Completing the cutscene with Gav and Tarja here will unlock access to the Hunt Board in the Hideaway going forward.

Where to Find Ahriman in FFXVI

You will come across the winged enemy Ahriman during The Gathering Storm quest which unlocks the Hunt Board in the Hideway. This enemy will serve as a tutorial for Notorious Marks. You can find Ahriman south of Sorrowise in Rosaria.

Where to Find Aruna in FFXVI

Otherwise known as the Angel of Death, Aruna is a winged harpy enemy that can be found in Claireview, Sanbreque. You’ll find her floating towards the middle of Clareview Field.

Where to Find Soul Stingers in FFXVI

These nasty insects are a swarm enemy found in eastern Dhalmekia. Look for these insect-like vilekin beside the abandoned houses on the far east side of The Fields of Corava.

Where to Find Grimalkin in FFXVI

Somewhere between a tiger and an ancient sabertooth, the Grimalkin is a Notorious Mark found on the southern end of The Sickle in Dhalmekia. Look for it’s haunt on the dead-end road east of The Jaw in this area.

Where to Find The Pack in FFXVI

The only thing more intimidating than one monster is a whole pack. This Notorious Mark has made its den in the Dhalmekian Republic. They are found on the Gilded Path, just south of the Tabor fast-travel Obelisk in that region.

Where to Find Belphegor in FFXVI

This winged beast is a Notorious Mark that lurks in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. It’s made its roost in the southeast of the Broken Hilt region. Look for it on the narrow path next to a windmill.

Where to Find Sekhret in FFXVI

In the swamps around Martha’s Rest in the Imperial Province of Rosaria, you can find the Rank B Notorious Mark called Sekhret. This minotaur monstrosity dwells in the northwest corner of Greensheaves, and area west of Rhiannon’s Ride.

Where to Find Severian in FFXVI

This strange fantastical machine-like enemy has taken on a life of its own in Sorrowise, the eastern region of the Imperial Province of Rosaria. You’ll find this Notorious Mark not too far west of Martha’s Rest.

Where to Find Fastitocalon in FFXVI

Otherwise known as the “A Hill to Die On” bounty, the Notorious Mark known as Fastitocalon appears on your Hunt Board during the Riddle of Sands quest. This giant hill-like tortoise monster has tucked itself into the far northeastern corner of the Velkroy Desert of the Dhalmekia Republic.

Where to Find the Ten of Clubs in FFXVI

In the southeastern reaches of The Fields of Corava, located in the Dhalmekian Republic, you can find a small abandoned village called Vamare. A human enemy has made these ruins their home, attacking anyone who strays near.

Where to Find Dozmare in FFXVI

A regal griffin has roosted near the Caer Norvent River Gate. You can find this Notorious Mark roosting in the northwest region of the empire known as Norvent Valley.

Where to Find Bomb King in FFXVI

Don’t get too close… this fireball enemy is an explosive one. The Bomb King Notorious Mark can be found in the Crock, an old circular ruins found in The Imperial Chase, an eastern region of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.

Where to Find Carrot in FFXVI

What a cute name for what otherwise appears to be some sort of eldritch beast. You might want to be careful as you tread these marshy lands. This giant morbol is a Rank B Notorious Mark living in The Whispering Waters, an area just east of the Three Reeds in this region.

Where to Find the Man in Black in FFXVI

Finding this next Notorious Mark is pretty tricky. The only way to reach the Holy Trumpitour, otherwise known as the Man in Black bounty, is to find the slightly hidden Cellar Passage in Lostwing. This long and narrow passage leads out from a building a bit east of the Lostwing Fast Travel Obelisk. On the other side, it emerges into a strangely sunny glade, where the Holy Trumpitour waits for you.

Where to Find Flan Prince in FFXVI

Is flan supposed to look like that? The Flan Prince, otherwise known as the Muddy Murder Notorious Mark, is a bounty that dwells in the north reaches of Hawk’s Cry Cliff, a region in the southeast of the Imperial Province of Rosaria.

Where to Find The Nine of Knives in FFXVI

This hulking warrior stands in your way on the road through The Jaw, the arid desert-like region in the southwest corner of the Dhalmekian Republic. You will find the Nine of Knives, an A-Rank Notorious Mark, right in the middle of The Jaw.

Where to Find The Mageth Brothers in FFXVI

Are you prepared to take on not just one, but three Notorious Mark enemies? These humanoid enemies are a hunt board bounty known as the Mageth Brothers. They stalk the lakeshore of the Quietsands, north of Port Isolde and its Fast Travel Obelisk.

Where to Find Dread Comet in FFXVI

Careful! This chocobo has gone rogue. The Dread Comet is a Notorious Mark that unlocks on the Hunt Board after the Evenfall main quest. You can find it strolling in the small, dry plain sandwiched between The Sickle and The Fields of Corava, in southwest Dhalmekian Republic.

Where to Find Gobermouch in FFXVI

This little rogue goblin has gotten a bit too big for its britches. You’ll find the tiny brute atop the highest point in Eistla, in the Kingdom of Waloed. Just use the scaffolding and ladder across from the Eistla Fast Travel Obelisk. Eistla can be found near the southeast region of the Kingdom of Waloed.

Where to Find Bygul in FFXVI

Like the Grimalkin, the cat-like Bygul is a type of Coeurl enemy. Fittingly, you can find it in an area known as Kritten Hollow in the northeast region of the Kingdom of Waloed. The Bygul isn’t too far northeast from the Ravenwitt Walls Fast Travel Obelisk.

Where to Find Agni in FFXVI

Infected by Aether, this Notorious Mark needs to be taken down before it causes anymore havoc. Agni is a salamander-like creature residing in the south end of Halfcombe, in a misty clearing north of the tunnels that lead from The Edge of Infinity Fast Travel Obelisk.

Where to Find Thanatos in FFXVI

Also known as the Usher to the Underworld hunt, this bounty is put on the hunt board during the Brother main quest. This titan can rightfully be found in Titan’s Wake, a desert canyon in the southeast corner of the Dhalmekia Republic.

Where to Find Terminus in FFXVI

Much like the Bomb King we encountered at The Crock before, the strangely orb-shaped Terminus, otherwise known as the Blood Moon hunt, is a formidable enemy. You can find The Crock on the eastern side of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, north of the Imperial Chase.

Where to Find Gizamaluk in FFXVI

This monstrous harpy is also known as The Wailing Banshee, a Notorious Mark that dwells in the abandoned village known as Garnick, west of Vidargraes and north of Kritten Hollow. The easiest way to reach its haunt is from the Vidargraes Fast Travel Obelisk to the northeast.

Where to Find Prince of Death in FFXVI

This enemy is also known at the Grim Reaper, a scythe-wielding baddie that haunts the misty fields towards the west end of the Royal Meadows, just before Cape Orsiere. You can use the Fast Travel Obselisk in Northreach and exit on the north side of the city to make the journey to tear down this monster.

Where to Find Knight of the Splendent Heart in FFXVI

It makes sense that such a lethal, royal knight would have taken up residence in northernmost corner of the Royal Meadows. The Knight of the Splendent Heart. This region is directly south of the Royal Meadows Fast Travel Obelisk located in the northeastern side of the Royale Meadows, north of Moore.

Where to Find Kuza Beast in FFXVI

  • Location: Balmung Dark, The Kingdom of Waloed
  • Unlock Requirement: The Weight of Command, Self-Determination, and Nobody’s Tool Side Quests

Unlike other hunt board bounties, which often unlock after completing a particular main or side quest, to reveal the bounty for the Kuza Beast you need to complete all quests that involve Dorys. Once you have completed these, ending with the Nobody’s Tool side quest, you can find the Kuza Beast in Balmung Dark, a massive colosseum within the Ravenwit Walls. The quickest way to reach it is from the Ravenwit Walls Fast Travel Obelisk southwest of Kritten Hollow.

Where to Find Atlas in FFXVI

Known otherwise as the Break of Worlds, this Notorious Mark bounty definitely looks strong enough to carry the world on its back. This hulking giant is found in the meadow at the far east side of the abandoned town of Cressida. You can find Cressida on the northeast region of the Imperial Province of Rosaria.

Where to Find Svarog in FFXVI

The ancient draconic monster known as Svarog, or the Ruin Reawakened, is waiting to be slain. If you feel you’re up to task, you can find Svarog in Mornebrume, the farthest southeastern part of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque map. We hope you’re ready for a trek, because the nearest point to this beast is the Caer Norent Gloriuse Gate Fast Travel Obelisk.

Where to Find Pandemonium in FFXVI

The King of Orcs has taken up residence in the castle on the southwest side of Wolfdarr, and abandoned town in the Kingdom of Waloed. You can reach this brute in his stolen abode from the Shadow Coast Fast Travel Obelisk to the south, found in the far southwest corner of the map.

Where to Find Behemoth King in FFXVI

This isn’t your normal behemoth. The Masterless Marauder bounty will lead you straight to the Behemoth King. This Rank S Notorious Mark prowls the craggy Vidargraes fields, not far south from the Vidargraes Fast Travel Obelisk. You can find this monster in the farthest northwest corner of the Kingdom of Waloed map.

Where to Find Gorgimera in FFXVI

One of the biggest and baddest Notorious Marks, the Gorgimera, can be found prowling the sand dunes of the Velkroy Desert, a region in the northwest of the Dhalmekian Republic. This lion-like monstrosity lurks in the southwest corner of the Velkroy Desert. The easiest way to seek this enemy out is to travel north from the Dalimal Inn.

Now you know where to find all the Notorious Marks avaialbe from the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16. If you’re looking for more guides to wrap up your adventures with Clive, check out our full Walkthrough or series of Boss Guides. Looking for that one hundred percent? We’ve got you covered with our Collectibles guide.

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