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Most Useful “Sugar Baby” Websites – Film Daily

With so many sugar daddy and sugar baby sites out there—not to mention the myriad hookup sites available today— you have to wonder where your time or money is best spent. Let’s admit it: the internet could be a dark and dangerous place. And when it comes to going into sugar daddy arrangements, you’re better off burning hot passion than wads of dough.

As such, we’re here to help you find the top sugar daddy sites that you should definitely try out today! Here, you’re going to find the nicest, most succulent sugar babies you can buy with your cold hard cash in some of the most accessible online sugar daddy experiences you’re going to find right now.

Let’s get to it!

Best Sugar Daddy Sites

1. SugarDaddyMeet – A Great and Secure Sugar Daddy Site


  • Very exclusive membership base
  • No trolls or catfishing accounts
  • Wonderful customer service team


  • Limited to 20 countries worldwide
  • No free signups available here
  • Relatively smaller user base than others

With nearly more than a decade and a half of experience dealing in the online sugar daddy industry, Sugar Daddy Meet doesn’t just limit itself to the American shores; it’s an online adult baby site that’s available throughout the world.

Specifically, the site focuses its sugar baby business in 20 major cities across the globe, and you can bet that these are some of the most lavish places rich men get to feel young again with the help of a sweet little tart and a bundle of cash.

It’s no surprise that with such a specialized approach to the sugar daddy scene, users will likely NOT find a single troll or fake account on Sugar Daddy Meet: this is a site that’s all business and no bull! And if you do encounter any problems with the site, rest assured that their expert customer service team is there to help you out.

Sugar Daddy Meet is both available as a sugar daddy site and a mobile app; you can download it on Apple and Google Play Stores. Both have features that help you spot and buy your potential sugar baby effortlessly with private messaging, the ability to comment on posts, send out virtual “winks,” and browse those sweet sugar baby photos.

2. Miss Travel – Perfect Sugar Daddy Site for Travel


  • Perfect for sugar vacation
  • Customizable trips are main currency
  • Secure transactions guaranteed


  • Customer service not too prompt
  • No other gifting options here
  • Verification process takes some effort

Miss Travel doesn’t fool around with its naming conventions, as they advertise exactly the products that they have to offer: sugar babies that love to go on hot, expensive vacations with a rich hunk.

And guess what? That rich hunk could be you! Instead of throwing various gifts at your chosen prospect, Miss Travel exclusively offers sugar daddies and sugar babies the opportunity to go around the world for a nice getaway.

Sugar daddies on the site get to craft their own ideal luxury trips—from Thailand to gay Paris. After which, sugar babies get to choose from these custom-made vacations until they find the trip that they like the most.

Miss Travel is very secure, too, as both sugar daddies and sugar babies are required to undergo a thorough verification process to make sure that both parties are safe with any transaction or date they go through.

Finally, they have a pretty decent customer service department that can be contacted in many ways, such as via Facebook DMs, their site’s contact page, or email.

3. Ashley Madison – A Great Sugar Momma Site


  • Numerous payment channels available
  • Customizable account settings
  • Very discreet sugar daddies


  • Lacks sugar baby variety
  • App has occasional glitches
  • Not exclusively a sugar daddy site or app

Although not exclusively made for the sugar baby niche, Ashley Madison’s overall features make it a nice online spot for sugar daddies and sugar babies to connect and start seeing each other.

Especially if you’re either a married sweet papa or babe, this is one adult hookup site that keeps things private and does not let your little trysts ruin your personal lives. Simply put, Ashley Madison is made for married people who want to have some action on the side.

As far as sugar daddies are concerned, you’re going to love how this site has customizable mainly account features that allow you to choose who gets to see what on your profile.

They have numerous payment options available as well, allowing you sugar pops to send your sweet young things their gifts in a variety of ways: through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and gift cards.

Aside from their site, you can also find Ashley Madison on mobile, with all its amazing features included. It’s free to download, too, and creating an account with them is easy.

4. What’s Your Price – A Top Casual Sugar Daddy Site


  • Great, unique sugar bidding system
  • Auctions start as low as $10
  • Amazing customer service


  • Starting bids vary greatly
  • Auctions become bidding wars
  • Relatively small overall community

What’s Your Price might not be the largest sugar daddy site right now, but it’s certainly one that you’re going to enjoy if you’re the kind of sugar daddy who’s grown tired of how easy throwing your money away at these sugar babies.

Because if you’re looking to get yourself a nice sugar baby with the kind of thrill you only get from the fiercest of competitions, then What’s Your Price is the perfect sugar baby site for you. That’s due to the fact that this is one online hookup site that doesn’t just let you straight up purchase your partner; you get to bid on them.

And given how extensive auctions could be, What’s Your Price backs up their product with some great customer assistance features that will make sure you get all the help you need. Add to that the site’s very efficient search tool, and finding the right sugar baby to get into business with is an absolute breeze.

5. Adult Friend Finder – An Underrated Sugar Daddy Site


  • Largest active hookup community
  • Great sugar daddy guides
  • Many sugar baby options


  • Occasional catfish account found here
  • Extra features require premium membership
  • Number of users get overwhelming

Adult Friend Finder is undeniably one of the largest adult hookup sites right now. Still, one aspect overlooked in this online daddy titan is that it’s also an excellent hub for sugar daddies and sugar babies to meet and get into a saucy relationship.

With over 30 million active and enthusiastic members, a simple search using their efficient tool will allow you to look for the right kind of baby to shower your gifts on in exchange for some kinky favors.

It’s also great that aside from providing you the main business of hooking you up with some online hotties, Adult Friend Finder also has the best hookup resources available today, with the sugar daddy and sugar baby category well-covered.

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By that, we mean you’re going to find supplementary materials like guides, tips, and erotic stories (both fiction and non-fiction) that will definitely help you improve your sweet sugar daddy game as well as provide some great ideas on how to conduct your sugar dates.

Additionally, their bustling forums also have ones explicitly dedicated to sugar daddies and sugar babies, which allow you to meet one another all the more conveniently!

7. EstablishedMen – A Top Sugar Daddy Site with Hands-On Support


  • Free and easy signup process
  • Very efficient search engine
  • Amazing customer service reps here
  • Quick and easy gifting process


  • Extra features need paid account
  • More sugar daddies than babies

Established Men has made the sugar daddy niche one of the most accessible types of hookups to get into, what with how they prioritize ease of access on all fronts.

For one, they have a very active customer service team that will help you anytime, anywhere. And we’re not just talking about bots with preset responses here; Established Men provides you with actual experts that guide you with any query you have.

Creating an account with them is easy and free of charge, but of course, hooking up with your chosen sugar baby isn’t (that’s what this kink is all about, anyway). However, they’ve made cute and very convenient ways to send your sweet baby her desired gift, from simple shoes to island getaways.

Connecting with your target baby is also very easy on Established Men, as they have a “flirt” feature that instantly lets you communicate with the female users that tickle your wealthy pickle!

7. RichMeetBeautiful – A Top Mobile Sugar Daddy App


  • Available on Apple and Android
  • Great security measures taken
  • Purely genuine accounts available


  • Verification takes some time
  • Smaller community compared to others
  • Not for the tech inept

Rich Meet Beautiful prides itself as one of the most secure online sugar daddy sites around, which is very important if you’re a high-profile individual who wants to keep your affairs discreet. With their three-layered security system, rest assured what happens on Rich Meet Beautiful stays here.

You’re not going to find any catfishing or fake accounts here, since their staff verified each account on this sugar daddy app.

Additionally, Rich Meet Beautiful gives you sugar daddies control over who you want in your inner circle, as it gives you options to link your other social media accounts to their site.

And since this is available as an app for your Apple or Android mobile, you can look and connect with your chosen sugar baby wherever you are.

8. EliteSingles – A Top Option for Older Sugar Daddies


  • Perfect for older gentlemen
  • User interface is easy to use
  • Lots of members available


  • Not the best customer service
  • Wildcard feature requires premium account
  • Questionnaire gets a little personal

If you’re the classic type of sugar daddy—you know, the type who can pass as a real father figure to your sugar baby—then Elite Singles is the right kind of sugar daddy site for you.

Although they don’t cater exclusively to older gentlemen (aged 50 and above), you’re going to find that there are a lot of these traditional sugar dads on Elite Singles.

What makes this site fun, too, is the fact that they don’t just randomly throw suggested babies for you. The site uses a handy and thorough questionnaire instead, determining what kind of suggestions they’ll give you.

And since they prioritize older men as one of their primary target demographics, Elite Singles has made sure that they have a user interface that’s easy to get around within their site and mobile app.

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On a side note, if you’re the type of sugar daddy who also wants to get adventurous with their sugar baby pickings, Elite Singles has a great “wildcard” feature for premium accounts that instantly pairs you with a random pretty young thing.

9. SugarDaddie – A Lavish and Premium Sugar Daddy Site


  • All legit accounts here
  • Zero ads
  • Premium overall sugar daddy experience


  • Very small userbase
  • Can only share photos
  • No free signups included

SugarDaddie is the kind of site meant for sugar daddies that like to go all-in on whatever sweet date they’re on. That’s because this is arguably one of the most luxurious sugar daddy sites where the babies are sweeter than usual, and the gifts are definitely more expensive.

As such, you’re going to find that this site has a relatively small overall userbase, which is great if you value the quality of users (they’re all legit) over quantity (absolutely no catfishing or dummy accounts here).

And as you’d expect from a premium sugar daddy site, there aren’t any annoying ads here; this is purely sugar daddy without any guff.

As a member—regardless of whether you’re the dad or the baby— you’re given the option to upload as many pictures as desired to advertise those goods and find the right partner.

SugarDaddie does not offer any free accounts, which is on-brand for a premium sugar daddy site, but they do have a variety of subscription options available to choose from.

FAQs for the Best Sugar Daddy Sites

What’s a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby?

Sugar daddies are rich men—traditionally older ones— who provide gifts and material benefits to a younger woman, also known as the sugar baby, in exchange of sexual favors or a romantic relationship.

Is Having a Sugar Daddy Safe?

As long as you go through the proper channels and conduct your business using sugar daddy platforms like Seeking, Ashley Madison, or Elite Singles, you can rest assured that your sugar daddy or baby has been verified.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to carry a bit of caution with you at all times.

Are Sugar Babies Expensive?

It all depends on the sugar babies themselves. Much like escorts in general, sugar babies’ rates depend on their popularity, experience, gift preferences, and availability among others.

Sugar Daddy Sites in Conclusion

The sugar daddy sites that we’ve presented for you here are some of the best options to find yourself a young and willing sugar baby to have some fun times with.

You get lots of options when it comes to these sites, from free ones that let you create an account without the need for any payments to more premium sites meant for the serious sugar daddy.

In any case, have fun and keep safe!

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