8 Signs Janelle Brown’s A Nasty Person


8 Signs Janelle Brown’s A Nasty Person


  • Janelle needs to take responsibility for her financial decisions, and not solely blame Kody for her money problems. Self-reflection may lead to personal growth.
  • While Janelle has valid complaints about Kody, her constant focus on blaming Robyn’s over the top.
  • Janelle’s promotion of controversial dietary supplements and potentially deceptive weight loss claims should be approached with caution. She should be more careful about endorsing questionable products.

Sister Wives season 18’s in full swing, and Janelle Brown‘s been playing her violin. Her sob story mostly revolves around money, but she’s got other issues too. However, she may be too focused on blaming Kody for everything. It might be better if she took a good, hard look at herself. Kody didn’t spend every dollar she doesn’t have. He didn’t cause every single problem in her life. Sometimes, self-reflection leads to breakthroughs. If Janelle starts to understand that she’s the villain sometimes, she might evolve.

Sister Wives season 18‘s unfolding, and it’s been filled with high-octane drama. At the center of the storm, there’s Janelle, who’s increasingly frustrated with Kody Brown. She says she’s broke because of him, as he encouraged her to sink her funds into the doomed Coyote Pass “Utopia.” Janelle also says that Kody abandoned her during the pandemic, leaving her with all the parenting and no emotional support. These are major complaints, but is some of it sour grapes? Where is her accountability? She’s her own person, and Janelle’s decisions are ultimately on her.

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7 Janelle’s In Charge Of Her Financial Life

In the ongoing season, Christine wants Janelle to move to Utah. They’re close friends, and she wants to keep their bond strong. Janelle’s basically ready to take the plunge, and offscreen, she’s her own woman. Janelle can be happy without a man. However, she’s blaming Kody for so many things during the season. In the Instagram post above, Janelle said, “When things don’t work out – 1) Give yourself GRACE and 2) Remember falling forward is still forward motion.” That’s great, but Janelle definitely puts a lot of problems on Kody.

She’s talked about cash flow a lot this season, and Kody’s apparently the reason why she has so little money. While there may be some truth to that, Janelle made some financial blunders of her own. For example, she squandered a lot of money on a fancy RV, and those types of vehicles start depreciating as soon as they’re driven off lots. She probably should have used that money to pay down debts, or saved it for a rainy day. While she’s a reality star, her Sister Wives salary’s undisclosed, and she may not earn as much as people think.

With regard to Janelle and Coyote Pass, yes, she was encouraged to invest in that venture, but no one put a gun to her head. She decided what to do with her own money. At any time, she could have said, “This decision is dead wrong.” She didn’t, and now she has regrets. The idea that a woman can’t have agency over her life is so old-fashioned, and that’s why polygamy holds females back. It’s centered on a patriarchal model that belongs in the Dark Ages. Women need to step up and take ownership for themselves. Janelle needs to stop putting everything on Kody. She spent the money – period.

However, she does deserve some sympathy, even though blaming Kody’s a misstep. In relationships, it’s very easy to bend for the other person, and make decisions in order to please them. This isn’t always wrong. Some give and take’s required to keep a romance alive. Nonetheless, Janelle may have wanted to look ahead. There were so many signs that the Brown family was imploding. Janelle might have benefited from being realistic about what was going to happen, and preparing accordingly. She could have curbed her spending years ago, in order to get ready for the inevitable. Instead, she kept up with her regular financial habits.

6 Janelle Keeps Insulting Robyn Brown

Montage of Sister Wives' Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown certainly deserves some criticism, but Kody’s exes have turned insulting her into a religion. It’s also a cottage industry, as they profit from the clout they get when they put her down online. Even Kody’s kids do it, as Gwendlyn Brown denigrates Robyn on YouTube. Janelle has the right to gripe about Robyn to some extent, but at a certain point, it seems obsessive.

Janelle actually yelled, “I won’t become Robyn” onscreen in 2022. These kinds of theatrics seem to reek of jealousy. While Robyn’s definitely passive-aggressive to an annoying degree, she’s not the Antichrist. Robyn often gets blamed for all the problems in the family, while Kody gets a pass. This season, he’s getting grilled, but in the past, the spouses tended to gang up on Robyn. Maybe she brought it on herself, but that kind of bullying isn’t a good look for the other women.

In the past, Janelle let the world know that she’s so over Robyn’s meddling. Again, that’s fair enough, but the constant focus on Robyn is troubling. Instead of accepting the fact that Kody doesn’t really love her the way that he should, Janelle aims her aggression at Robyn. For years, the unloved wives kept hanging in there, and what a sad spectacle that was. Season after season, he grew more detached, until there was really nothing left. That’s why the family’s melting down in season 18.

5 Janelle Pushed Sketchy Plexus Products

Janelle needs money pretty badly, according to her, and it seems like she’s willing to go to almost any lengths to scrounge up some cash. One income stream is Plexus, and Plexus products have been criticized. Their “pink drinks” are supposed to be health-boosting beverages that promote weight loss, but they’re very controversial. According to the Federal Trade Commission, when the company touted its inventory as helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was false advertising. No supplements can really protect someone from COVID, although some of them may boost immunity.

Janelle should probably be more careful about promoting this stuff. She’s pushing it pretty hard, and maybe Janelle will regret that later on. If there’s eventually major backlash against the company, she might be dragged into the mess. While Janelle isn’t a conventional villain, she’s going into shady territory by advertising dietary supplements and saying that they work.

Janelle lost 100 pounds, and it’s highly unlikely that chugging pink drinks was the only reason why. That’s very dramatic weight loss, so Janelle probably shouldn’t imply that Plexus products got her there. She did show followers that she was adjusting her diet. For example, she posted a picture of herself holding a pizza with a cauliflower crust. That healthy alternative to traditional pizza may just scratch the surface when it comes to how she’s changed her diet. Of course, restricting calories is one of the keys to losing weight.

Janelle may also be getting more exercise. Unless someone’s taking a diet drug or gets bariatric surgery, it’s very difficult to lose that much weight, although it can be done. So, Janelle may don the black hat when she says that Plexus is her weight loss secret. She may not intentionally be playing the villain, but she’s asking people to believe her and buy the products. If she’s not telling the truth about how she slimmed down, that’s deceptive.

4 Janelle’s Been Accused Of Parental Alienation

Sister Wives Kody Brown Janelle Brown

Offscreen, and recently, Kody opened up about feeling cut off by his kids, and he seemed to put the blame on his exes, Janelle, Christine Brown and Meri Brown. He’s basically accusing the women of parental alienation. In breakups, whether they’re divorces or spiritual unions, hurt feelings can seep out, and those emotions can influence children. Whether kids are younger or older, they’ll listen to their parents and form opinions.

This month, Kody got heated when he called his exes out onscreen. He really unloaded, going on to say, “Christine has so much influence over Janelle, I just think it’s pathetic, so I don’t want to say anything to Janelle because I’m afraid Christine will find out about it, the kids will find out about it, it’s like, I just don’t want to talk about me.”

He’s saying that the stuff he tells his exes is relayed to the children. He seems to be insinuating that he can’t speak freely because his words will be twisted around, and he’ll come off like the bad guy. He may have good reason to worry. His former spouses Janelle and Meri both bailed out after season 18, and they’ve repeatedly criticized him in the press. It’s not such a stretch that they would put him down in front of the kids.

Hopefully, Janelle doesn’t do that too much, but if there’s any truth to what Kody’s saying, she might need to take a step back and realistically assess her actions. Are they hurting the kids? Maybe, when some of the bitterness fades, she’ll find it easier to co-parent with her ex. Right now, her feelings are right on the surface.

3 Janelle May Have Wanted Kody For His Body

Sister Wives' Kody Brown, with Janelle Brown and Meri Brown, looking upset

While Janelle seems innocent, she may be quite the vixen, as Kody thinks that she’s only interested in his body. Could she be that shallow? Maybe Kody’s “hotness” was keeping her in the marriage for years, even though she hardly ever got her emotional needs met. While there’s nothing wrong with lusting after a partner, that shouldn’t be the only thing that they’re interested in.

It’s possible that Janelle was in the relationship for the wrong reasons. Maybe she was so focused on intimacy with Kody that she didn’t pay enough attention to other things, such as their intellectual bond. However, this may be a bit unfair, as Kody clearly preferred Robyn. Also, Kody and Janelle seemed to get along well. Their dynamic was more friendly than romantic, and eventually, she gave up on him.

The process of detaching hasn’t been easy for Janelle, and viewers have seen her struggle with her emotions during Sister Wives season 18. She’s been holding out hope that maybe things could be different, but a part of her already knows that she’s not with the right man. That’s probably why she was able to stay away from Kody when the season ended. While she’s said she loves him, it’s such a one-sided relationship. In that sense, it’s pointless, and a waste of time. Whle she’ll always appreciate Kody, and have fond memories, she’s dealing with a lot of anger and disgust.

2 Janelle Hasn’t Cut Ties With LuLaRoe (But Christine Did)

Side by side images of Sister Wives' Janelle Brown

Now, Christine’s ended her association with LuLaRoe, but she’ll always be linked with the company because she promoted it for so long. The issue with LuLaRoe is that it’s got an MLM vibe that’s a bit troubling. In a typical pyramid scheme, people at the bottom make money for those on top. They do so by purchasing inventory that they can’t always sell. So, someone might get sucked into a pyramid scheme, and be encouraged to spend a lot of money on products. They’re promised the moon and stars, in a sort of brainwashing phase that fires them up. Janelle still promotes the company.

After MLM devotees buy, they can have trouble unloading all of that merchandise. Another facet of an MLM is that the sales team is strongly encouraged to bring new people in, to form the new “base” of the pyramid. Generally, the vast majority of people who join these cult-like companies end up disillusioned and miserable… and poorer. This isn’t a minor thing, as lives have been ruined by these types of firms. Janelle needs to take responsibility for possibly sucking new people into such a disreputable company.

1 Janelle Often Seems Moody & Unhappy

Montage of Sister Wives' Kody Brown & Janelle Brown with purple background

Janelle’s pretty crabby in season 18. Sometimes she smiles, but overall, reality TV show star Janelle seems very unhappy. Her bitterness is really showing, and while it’s understandable that she’d have hurt feelings, she’s not choosing happiness during the current installment. When it comes to Kody, the writing was on the wall a long time ago. It’s just that she’s trying to get to that point of acceptance. It’s like the stages of grief. Watching someone cycle through those stages is tough – it’s painful for them. However, on the other side, there’s hope.

Perhaps Janelle’s moody days are now over. She’s free, and she can explore anything in life. If she fixes her attitude, she may find that the sky’s the limit. Sister Wives season 18 celeb Janelle needs to make some changes to shed the villain label, but she can do it.

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